Introducing Live Chat Lounges

We are excited to announce the launch of Live Chat Lounges – now available for your business and professional use! Think of them as Live Chat as a Service, an out-of the box tool to talk with customers the way they like to communicate. We’ve got 4 lounges you can check out now to see how they work – 1) Moz, 2) WorkHere, 3) Startup Study Group and 4) ConvoLounge’s own Startup School (formerly known as AskAPro Interviews). These real-world lounges show how businesses can have engaging and vibrant conversations with customers via live chat. Keep reading for more on live chat lounges and how they can grow your business. Continue reading “Introducing Live Chat Lounges”

Fundraising: How to pitch early stage investors

Michael WeiksnerMichael Weiksner, known as Weiks, is a General Partner at Rostrum Capital. He invests in the next generation of platform companies and recently joined ConvoLounge for an AMA in which he helped answer questions from founders about their startups, fundraising, strategy, and more. Continue reading “Fundraising: How to pitch early stage investors”

Getting started with growth hacking

Everyone seems to be talking about Growth Hacking. Much like Inbound Marketing was a few years ago, Growth Hacking is the hot topic right now. Sujan Patel recently joined us on ConvoLounge to chat about growth hacking and share his experience and tips with this new craft. Sujan is the co-founder of, tools to help you scale and automate your social media and content marketing efforts. Continue reading “Getting started with growth hacking”

2016 SEO with Rand Fishkin

If you’re in the SEO world, you already know Rand Fishkin. Rand is the founder and former CEO of Moz, author of SEO books, and co-founder of He’s been invited to share his expertise with countless teams from Google, Facebook and Microsoft to The United Nations and NPR. We were incredible humbled and lucky to chat with the “Wizard of Moz” directly and get his insights on the state of SEO – which we’ll jump into without further adieu…

Continue reading “2016 SEO with Rand Fishkin”

What is Private Life vs. Personal Life on Social Media?

It’s no secret that social media, in all its interactive, transparent, and real-time glory, has changed consumer behavior and expectations. The lines between personal and professional blurred long ago but do you really have to open the world to your personal life on social media to be successful? And if so, how much is enough, especially for those of us who enjoy our privacy. In this article we explore your personal life on social media, where to draw the line and we give you a 4 step list to help you navigate this question as you develop your online brand. Continue reading “What is Private Life vs. Personal Life on Social Media?”

Marketing is the Same as it’s Always Been, but Totally Different

Martin ShervingtonConvoLounge hosts a weekly live Q&A chat with some of the brightest marketers around the world. This week we had a live Q&A with marketing extraordinaire, Martin Shervinton, founder of Plus Your Business. The man sure knows his stuff AND he is funny. Made for a fun, lively chat. Continue reading “Marketing is the Same as it’s Always Been, but Totally Different”

Live Convo Recap: Immigration Attorney Elizabeth Jamae

Elizabeth Jamae Immigration AttorneyLast week Elizabeth Jamae of the Jamae Law Group joined us for an #AskAPro live ConvoLounge session! She focuses on helping startups bring needed talent from overseas. We spent nearly an hour learning about the hot topic of immigration in addition to Elizabeth’s background and law firm. To say the conversation was interesting would be an understatement.

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